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You will be supporting mental health and an entire community.  By purchasing and wearing this shirt, you are supporting the mental health of the people that directly surround you in the world everyday, the community that NESH serves, and yourself!  With a simple message on your shirt, you are reminding everyone that might pass you to be encouraged!  There is so much happening in today’s world, and if we all just Be Human and Kind, and Think Positive, the world might be a better place.

The anchor on the Human Kind T-shirt represents being the rock.  A small but solid piece that holds a boat in place serving a very important purpose.  The person who wears this t-shirt is an anchor.  You are the model and representation for others to be #HumanKind, and to #ThinkPositive. You will directly benefit, and you will directly impact others as well!

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At NESH we believe in building strong community.  We anticipated opening the cafe in 2019.  It will offer a supportive space for people to work hard, have fun, and enjoy delicious food options.  Until then, we’ve got you covered with a long list of events around New York City, Europe, and South Africa!!