About Us


At NESH we believe, people of all ages, all races, and all socioeconomic statuses should have access to therapy for the mind, yoga for the body, and a wellness community to feed the soul.  Our mission is to create health equity through specifically targeting the physical and mental health of New Yorkers.

NESH Mind | Body | Soul is a wellness center that offers a unique services model personalizing each individuals experience based on his or her specific needs.  We help individuals infuse healthy practices into their everyday routines through mental health therapy, physical fitness, and a supportive wellness community.

 Meet The Team

Dynesha Henderson, LCSW is a licensed and trained couples and family therapist who is the visionary behind NESH Mind | Body | Soul.  The concept was created after spending endless hours in coffee shops during graduate school seeking a space to work, or just a place to relax.  Later realizing it was the great vibes and community feel within the cafés that was so attractive in coupling it with this concept.  Dynesha received a Bachelors of Science in Community Health from Eastern Illinois University, and her Masters Degree in Social Work from Chicago State University.  Most recently, she attended a post-graduate program at the Ackerman Institute for the Family for specific training in couples and family therapy.  The therapeutic model Dynesha believes in is to understand problems through therapy, strengthen and center the body through fitness, and have a supportive community around you. Over the last 8 years, Dynesha has worked in school settings, clinic setting, and is currently a clinical supervisor at a Queens Therapy Clinic.  She is also a certified yoga teacher that utilizes yoga as a teaching  tool to help others understand the connection between their mind and body.


Jackie Jaron is a founding director and a member of our advisory board. Jackie comes from a background of Aerospace Engineering with a Masters Degree from Purdue University. She has an accomplished track record with companies such as NASA, Northrop Grumman, and Millennium Space Systems.  Jackie is also very dedicated to service.  Whether it is her 15 year Girl Scout membership, joining Teach for America, or being part of a big sister mentoring program, Jackie has always been one to seize these opportunities.

Sidney Walker is our Social Media Consultant.  She currently curates and manages the content development and social media strategy and promotion for NESH. Sidney comes from a background in tech and social media. She has founded two influencing companies, Black Travel Journey and The Urban Millenial which hosts over 95k followers across platforms.  Sidney’s passion for travel and holistic wellness aligns with our brand and the community we serve.


In light of all of the recent tragedies, we at NESH would like to do our part by offering consultations, therapy, and referrals to those in need.  We offer free 30 minute consultations.